Step Up To The Mike

Yeah Britney being down here is great and all that but they can’t do Step Up To The Mike over there at those proportions, like their not that good like the Kids From Fame.

Those Lion King productions and all them I mean, that’s why Fame is so awesome.

They’ll be watching these clips I picked and trying to copy it for their shows on the big one at Broadway but they can’t play it.

We’ve Been Up One Day

Since we’re new to Broadway I thought I’d get up early and check the newspapers to see if anyone noticed us, like to start copying our page for their Broadway page.

Like on the show Fame, their could be some crooked promotor watching our Fame promotion for their crooked one across town on the real Broadway, they could be stealing from us and then when we go down they won’t take our work.

So I checked to see if anyone put anything in the paper…what did it say?

Britney Spears just launched on Broadway at the same time as us, maybe she’s following this blog and then running down there to steal all my fans because I don’t have a box office yet like theirs.



“””Musical theater and pop fans can rejoice because Broadway and Washington D.C.’s Shakespeare Theatre Company are coming together to bring dreams to life with “Britney Spears: Once Upon a One More Time,” The Washington Post reported on Thursday. 

“This is something so magical — it’s Shakespeare and Spears!” Shakespeare Theatre Company’s artistic director, Simon Godwin, said. 

The musical, to the stylings of Spears’ song catalogue, will surround a book club of fairytale characters — such as Snow White and Cinderella — who find themselves changed after reading “a feminist manifesto.”

Godwin said Nederlander producer Susan Bristow came to him with the idea months ago. “She came to us and said, ‘Can I share this idea with you?’” Godwin said. “I was delighted that people were identifying us as a space that they want to work with. I said, ‘Yes, I am all in.”

“Some folks might think it is a jukebox musical, but it is not,” he added of the musical. “This is taking classical stories and refashioning them. I felt there was a promise of excellence.”

While not directly involved, Godwin told The Washington Post that Spears gave her blessing for the show and he’s looking forward to see her reaction once it comes together.

“Once Upon a One More Time” will debut on Nov. 30 at Shakespeare Theatre Company’s Sidney Harman Hall and end Jan. 2, 2022. The hope is to bring the musical to the Nederlander-Organization Theater on Broadway once it has concluded its run in D.C.”””

Take it easy their Desdemona, I mean Washington D.C. come off it to get ready for Broadway.

I doubt they’d be able to help her much when she gets here anyway, like to our Broadway promotion.

They’ll probably be watching our Fame clips we post and trying to copy it for their show ahead of us, like on the show Fame itself…sitting in the office in Washington D.C. in their suit like their visiting the dance school or something on Fame, then stealing our dance moves for the big huge production across town.

I’d thought it just be some guy I would know, like downtown or something…then the same day I opened here Britney Spears got here.

It don’t matter, all her moves are probably from Kids From Fame anyway from her dance class tap books.

Welcome To The Kids From Fame Tribute Page

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I’ve been working my way around and now I’m back to the Fame Broadway page, I don’t see many or any good pages for Broadway or Kids From Fame and all their records are out of print and not on digital the last time I checked.

Kids From Fame – Live!

In true Kids From Fame fashion we’ll just throw a quick page up and start promoting outside dancing in the street if there’s no venue in New York for Kids From Fame and no label carries the records anymore.

Kids From Fame is the best and probably only real dance show from New York with all the real material in it from the dance school which I was upset about seeing the material in disarray from the old lp promoter with no art prints for the show.

I mean come on, the shots from the Kids From Fame are the prints for the art books in the museums, everyone knows the other people won’t make it because this group made the real prints for dancing, everything else is just a copy.

I’m trying to remember how to watch Kids From Fame, the story is in the video and dance numbers plus their is a story line that goes along with that for the characters on the show.

The dance numbers are the main material and the story is supposed to be expressed through song and dance more than the acted story line.

Yeah, so I don’t know how to do a New York Broadway page, but we’ll give it a shot.

I’m used to doing Heavy Metal Music Pages so we’ll try that format for Kids From Fame and see what it looks like.

Everybody book your venues and get your plays ready, if I see your poster and I like it I’ll post your concert dates and posters for your local box office in New York to promote the theater on Broadway.

Everyone will see your concert dates on the Kids From Fame page, so I’m just going to post as topics come up and share videos from the Kids From Fame and add whatever is going on relevant today.

Like I will cover the smaller show if I see your poster with the bigger shows and Kids From Fame and see if there’s any dance scene there in New York with any visitors on it.

So we’ll just start with the blog and see what happens as I figure out what a Broadway blog is gonna look like.